What are the advantages of condominium living?

Is extra parking and storage available in your buildings?

Do I get to select my own colours and finishes for my condo?

What deposits are required for my condo purchase?

What is the next step after I buy a condo from you?

What do monthly condo fees cover?

What additional expenses am I required to pay that my condo fees do not cover?


What are the advantages of condominium living?

Living the condominium lifestyle has many advantages. You have the security of home ownership in a prime location with the responsibilities of home maintenance reduced to a minimum.  If you spend a lot of time away from home for business or pleasure, you have the freedom to go with the peace of mind that your home is secure.  Condominium communities provide a warm and welcoming 'neighbourhood' with many opportunities to get to know other owners and to enjoy social events and functions. It really does provide for a care-free, enjoyable lifestyle with many opportunities to explore.

Is Extra Parking and Storage Available?

Just as each Tricar community is unique and different, so are the parking and locker requirements for each one. We do anticipate demand for extra storage and parking and do our very best to determine the number that will be required for each property. During the sales process, our agents will discuss availability and pricing on parking and storage with you.

It is important to seriously consider your present and future needs when making these decisions at the time of sale as they may no longer be available when you move in.

Do I get to select my own colours and finishes?

The timing of your purchase and the status of construction of your new home at tha time will determine this. Colour selection begin a few months after the commencement of construction. You will be contacted by one of our Client Relations Representatives to arrange for an appointment. At this time you will confirm your suite layout, select your finishes such as carpet, tile, cabinets and countertops and may also arrange for any upgrades or specialty items from the available upgrades that we offer.

If you are moving into a completed home, Tricar's professional designer will have selected some of the finishes and colours for your suite.

What deposits are required for my condo purchase?

A $20,000 deposit is required at the time you complete your agreement of purchase and sale.  This is non-refundable after the sale is firm and is held in trust by by the builder.

After your sale is firm, you will be contacted by our Client Relations Representatives who will set up a meeting with you.  At this meeting you will discus the purchase of your new suite, have a review of the finishes offered and consider any changes you may want to make. Throughout this process, your Client Relations Representative will guide you through the phases of the construction of your new suite and answer any questions you may have. 

What do monthly condo fees cover?

Your monthly condo fees are calculated base on the square footage of your suite and appropriated to the budgeted common expenses anticipated to take care of the building.  These expenses include building maintenance including daily cleaning, garbage removal, landscaping, snow removal, heating and cooling, water, building insurance, equipment maintenance, property management fees, exclusive use of the amenities including fitness rooms, libraries, guest suites, etc.  These vary by building dependent on size and the amenities included.

What monthly expenses am I required to pay that my condo fees do not cover?

Your additional expenses will include your personal hydro use, your homeowners insurance, property taxes and maintenance costs of your personal suite.