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Tricar Receives Top Marks with 2023 Tarion Homeowner Survey

May 14, 2024

The 2023 Tarion Homeowner Survey results were recently released and we are extremely proud of our results. We would like to thank all of our homeowners who took the time to complete the Tarion survey. Your feedback is valuable as we continuously seek opportunities to improve our homeowners’ experience when they purchase a Tricar condominium.

About the Survey

Every year, Tarion sends customer service-based surveys to new home buyers across Ontario. Last year over 15,000 surveys were sent to new high-rise homeowners. The results of the 32 question survey provide a detailed report to builders how their customers rated their service in the most recent year. Furthermore, the results also provide context and illustrate to a builder how they compare to “Top Performers” and “All Builders” in their category. The 2023 survey was sent to any homeowner who took possession of their new home between August 1, 2022 and July 31, 2023.

Setting the Bar High

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, Tarion awarded the top Ontario builders with an award, an honour that Tricar has won on 3 occasions and been a Finalist an additional 6 times.  While no official awards were announced in 2023, the results of the survey show that Tricar’s commitment to customer service and satisfaction remains a cornerstone of our business and a priority year after year. In all 32 categories, Tricar outpaced the Top Performers group, and was a clear stand out when compared to high rise builders industry-wide.


Following Through on Commitments

When asked about their builders’ ability to follow through with commitments, Tricar homeowners were more than twice as likely to say they were extremely satisfied or very satisfied compared to the average builder in Ontario. That commitment to following through is again validated by the 50% of respondents that answered they were extremely satisfied with the timely completion of amenity spaces, compared to just 12% of condo owners industry wide.

Customer Service

For our team, it’s about delivering more than just a quality home. Our focus on customer service is rooted in the belief that providing an overall customer experience is paramount to our long term success as a company.  When asked about the timeliness of response to service and repairs, 39% of high-rise homeowners in Ontario said they were somewhat dissatisfied or very dissatisfied. We’re proud that our results show that not a single one of our customers in the past year gave us that score.  Additionally, 0% of Tricar homeowners said they were dissatisfied with our willingness to schedule services and repairs at a convenient time to the homeowner, compared to 29% of respondents across Ontario.

When it comes to the builder being accessible to the customer, 83% of respondents were extremely or very satisfied; more than double the industry average of 41%.

The Highest Overall Customer Satisfaction

In 2023, 94% of Tricar homeowners gave a score that they were satisfied with the overall customer service they received, and 50% said they were extremely satisfied.   Across the industry, only 15% of homeowners gave their builder an extremely satisfied score.  Additionally, 55% of respondents answered that their new home and builder experience with Tricar delivered above their expectations, a number that only 20% of respondents across the province gave their builder.

In every category across the report, we outscored the Top Performers, so when we see that Tricar homeowners are more than twice as likely to recommend their builder than the industry average, that makes the entire team at Tricar feel like we have accomplished what we set out to do every day.

We’re very proud of these scores and it only fuels our commitment to continue to deliver the best experience possible to our valued homeowners.

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