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It’s An Honour

The Tricar Group was honoured to be awarded the Ontario High-Rise Builder of the Year as recognized by the Tarion Warranty Corporation’s 2014, 2015 and 2016 Awards of Excellence. This award is the home building industry’s most coveted award for customer service. The award recognizes new home-builders based solely on the homeowners’ satisfaction with their customer service delivery.


2024 Best Brochure
2024 Most Outstanding High Rise Home
2024 Project of the Year - Northlink


2023 Builder Of The Year
2023 Sales Achievement


2022 ACE Jim Kennedy POTY
2022 ACE Sales Achievement
2022 Best Sales / Design Centre
2022 Best Project Logo
2022 Best New or Renovated Kitchen


2021 Best Mid-High Rise Building
2021 Best Project Branding
2021 Best Digital Presence


2020 Best Amenity
IAC 2020 Best Home Building Website
GDHBA Best Sales / Decor Centre
ACE 2020 Project of the Year
ACE 2020 Sales Achievement
ACE 2020 Best Mid High Rise Home


AOD Best Lobby Entrance
AOD 2019 Best High-Rise Condo Suite
ACE 2019 Jim Kennedy of the Year
ACE 2019 Best new Multi-Family Home
ACE 2019 Best Outdoor Living Space
GDHBA 2019 Best Ad Campaign
GDHBA 2019 Best Logo (Project or Company)
GDHBA 2019 Best Sales Brochure
SABA 2019 Outstanding Multi-Unit Residential Project
Don Smith 2019 Best Multi-Family/Commercial Building


ACE 2018 Best Multi-Family
AOD 2018 Best Print Campaign
GDHBA 2018 Most Outstanding Mid-High Rise Home


ACE 2017 Project of the Year


Homeowners' Choice Awards 2016
OHBA 2016 Most Outstanding High-Rise Building
OHBA 2016 Best Design/Decor Centre
ACE 2016 Best Showroom Design Centre
ACE 2016 Best Project Branding


Tarion Builder of the Year 2015
ACE 2015 Project of the Year
ACE 2015 Best Web Presence


Tarion Builder of the Year 2014
ACE 2014 Best Traditional Print Campaign
ACE 2014 Health & Safety Award
GDHBA 2014 Project of the Year

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