Green Initiatives


Making a positive impact on the environment, having better indoor air quality, saving money on energy and water, and knowing you’ve helped minimize London’s environmental footprint are all great reasons to buy a home that is built to LEED-certified standards.

Azure will be the first residential high-rise building in London to be registered with the LEED Certification Program. The Tricar Group is proud to continue their commitment as an environmentally responsible builder. With their most recent project in Guelph, Tricar partnered with Envida Community Energy Inc. to connect to a district energy system. This provided environmentally responsible and sustainable heating and cooling to their River Mill project; a first of its kind for a high-rise builder in Guelph. As a result, River Mill residents will benefit from the reliability, convenience, and lower fuel costs associated with district energy.

LEED homes are thoughtfully designed, located near public transit, and in areas that improve community connectivity. Residents enjoy a comfortable home with balanced heating and cooling systems and improved indoor air quality. Amenities such as green roofs and water efficient landscaping are not only healthy and appealing, they save water consumption too. Green power provides at least 35% of required electricity from off-site renewable sources, saving homeowners money. Construction and demolition activities ensure that materials are recycled and minimal waste is produced throughout the construction process. Environmentally friendly transportation is encouraged with available car charging stations, and secure bicycle storage space.

Building Azure to LEED standards will provide homeowners with long term cost savings and numerous health and environmental benefits.