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Fall Condo Maintenance Tips

October 4, 2019

Summer flew by right before our eyes, and we have started celebrating the beginning of fall. It is time to start getting into the seasonal spirit with some Fall Maintenance tips to help prepare your suite for the cooler weather!

1 – Empty the secondary lint trap in the laundry room 

Your suite is equipped with a secondary lint trap located above your dryer. It is important to regularly clean out any excess lint build-up. Not doing so, can reduce the efficiency of your dryer, increase drying time & create excess humidity in your suite. Cleaning the lint trap inside the dryer before each load is recommended & will reduce the frequency of cleaning of the secondary lint trap.

2 – Replace the air handler filter 

Replacement of your air handler filter should be done every three months. Depending on your lifestyle, if you have pets or any allergy sensitives, this may need to be changed more frequently. Filters can be purchased from the Building Manager. Filters located in the kitchen range hood fan should also be cleaned regularly with warm soapy water.

3 – Clean inside window tracks and frames

It is important to wipe down window tracks and frames located on the inside of your unit. Always wipe away any condensation that may form as this can damage drywall. For exterior windows that are not accessible, condominium fees include exterior window cleaning twice per year or as determined by your condo board.

4 – Check smoke detectors

Test smoke detectors by pushing the strobe & holding it until all the detectors in the suite go off together. Be prepared as this will be EXTREMELY LOUD, the strobe light is also EXTREMELY BRIGHT, so do not stare at the strobe.

5 – Clean balcony and terrace drains

Ensure terrace drains (if applicable) located on your outdoor terrace are free of loose debris such as garbage or leaves. If you have a hose bib on your terrace please disconnect your hose for the winter, turn off the shut off located in your laundry room and drain the water. Pack away and secure any seasonal items from your balcony.

6 – Check humidity levels

Controlling humidity levels is important for homeowner maintenance. Please check that your humidistat is set between 30% – 50% and follows humidity guidelines as recommended.


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