Raft Slab Foundation Pour for Residential Tower on York Street in London

Mar 7, 2018

Construction on the York Thames project is underway! Workers set out to pour the massive amount of 1,400 cubic metres of concrete on Tuesday forming the foundation of this new 24-floor residential tower on York Street at Thames Street in London. In order to take up this incredible task, a labour force consisting of 120 people and 45 concrete trucks running in continuous operation for roughly 12 hours was required.

What it Takes to Pour a Foundation This Large:

  • 500,000 lbs of rebar (200 metric tonnes)
  • 170 loads of concrete
  • 2 concrete suppliers - providing concrete from 3 batching plants in the London area
  • 110 days of construction to prepare for this concrete slab

Interesting Facts

  • This pour was equivalent to pouring 45 single family house foundations
  • The temperature of the internal concrete core is expected to reach 55 degrees Celsius
  • 200 cubic meters of concrete were pored each hour
  • The excavation depth reaches 12 to 30 feet below the surface